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Due to the closing of TechShop the project was terminated.



The 9th is out due to my extensive poison oak - itch! itch itch!
The 16 is out due to a previously arranged meeting in the same room.

The next meeting of the Mid-Peninsula Robotics Meetup will be on Thursday 3/23/17
Please sign up via meetup.

Brief review for new robomakers to group

Purpose: Get to next specification level.

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Robot Project


The 2/23/17 meeting we had 8 attemdees including myself, an interesting mix of people.

Here's the opening slide presentation: Android Slideshow PDF

No assignments as yet, seems everyone is a bit overwhelmed with the magnitude of the task of building a walking, talking human looking anderoid robot.

Here is a bibliography of articles that will help in building some good starter pieces:

For a ton of information on downloading OpenCV google "raspberry pi facial recognition."
Here are a few suggestions for facial recognition:
Facial Recognition with RPi (20 May 2014 Eyeball motion and facial racognition)
SimpleCV (Katherine Scott's presentation on SimpleCV Python tools)
Stephen Hickson's RPi project (Your fridge orders food)
Matrix voice recognition hardware (hardware solution for stand-alone speech recognition)
3D Printable HandsA Variety of types of 3D printable hands, mostly free.
Tensor Flow on the Raspberry Pi
Parallella's Epiphany-V 1024 core 64-bit RISC on a chip Building GO 1.5 on Raspberry PI

Decided to use a 4 pole phone jack for the USB connectors for arms and legs. Seems ideal for centerpiece of a twistlock arm and leg segment connectors for power and communication. For higher data rates there may be some impedance matching issues but those can be faced when necessary. I have ordered a dozen or so. Will do some testing.


The humanoid robotics project, that will start on 2/23/2017, will be to create a human-looking, walking, talking robot. The project meetings will be held from 7:00-10:00PM at TechShop in Redwood City every Thursday.

The meetings are organized through under "Mid-Peninsula Robotics" but you may drop in without registering if you just want to see what's going on.

This area will be used in the future to report on progress and show pictures and presentations related to this activity.

1/1/17 - I've created an AI dictionary (a work in progress) see "AI and Robotics".