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Career Highlights

From first to last:

Became VP of Autologic

Responsible for PC board design system.
First to use AI's A* algorithm for board routing.
First to use maximum termination component placement.

Founded Minicomputer Technology

Produced disk controllers for minicomputers.
Sold to a mini-conglomerate

NASA/DARPA Instute for Advanced Computation

Was key to getting Illiac IV operational.
Was Designer of Phoenix Computer to replace Illiac IV. (never built)
Was Director of Simulation Lab.

Inner Access Corporation

Built a line of computers based on the Motorola 68K processor.
Designed and built test system for system component boards
Designed and implemented from scratch large database system.
Implemented Forth compilers on a number of microprocessors.

Intergraph Advanced Processor Division

Headed team to diagnose VLSI failures.
Tried using neural networks and genetic programming to tie failure modes to manufacturing parameters.
Designed associative memory boards for VLSI emulator.

Sun Microsystems - Processor Division

Granted several patents.
Co-designer of register and stack based coprocessors.

Apple Computer

Granted several patents.
Devised new VLSI verification technology.


Raised Angel Funds.
Designed and implemented a search advertising subsystem.

Inner Access Consulting

Keynote speaker at "Robotics as a business" miniconference
Designed web-based interface for scientific and industrial instrumentation
Created a video course teaching Julia language for PackT.
Recently have done much neural net experimentation including neural net evolution.